Health Care Outreach

It's all about connecting Needy to Caring Hearts as well as Identifying and Reaching out to vulnerable and less-privilege Communities/Persons. This situation is worst as the financial situation of the citizens can't even encourage them to seek for medical attention when they need one especially #Women and #Children who are more vulnerable with 94.5 per 1000 kids dying before their 5th Birthday.

A couple of these situations has let to #Automedication, poor access to health care etc thereby increasing the Morbi-mortality rate as the average #700FCFA #consultation money is hard to come by.

#LovingHearts noticing this through the #LovingHearts Project Health scheme have a team of #Doctors who are #Members and #Volunteers that are spread throughout the 10 regions in Cameroon and beyond ready to sacrifice some of their time and offer their services #LovingGivingHearts through the #LovingHearts ICT platforms as well as identifying and reaching to vulnerable and less-privileged