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Loving Hearts aims at Building and Developing Communities of two or more persons, who demonstrate the spirit of social and moral responsibility by reaching out to one another’s basic and social need, which goes a long way to instil the spirit of love as well as drastically curbing down societal ills.

The objective in building LHC is to bring back extinct societal moral values in the 21st century.

Loving Hearts Volunteers

LHV are persons who have decided to share and support the vision in their own area of dispensation and activities. LHV work determinedly to make sure that the objectives of Loving Hearts Foundation/Projects are achieved by giving in their time, energy, skills, and other valuable resources/services. LHV are in different classes depending on their personal commitment high sense of responsibilities

Loving Hearts Members

LHM are individuals with a high sense of responsibilities and commitments who were initially there and in mind, during the conception and developing phase of Loving Hearts Foundation/Projects and those who have demonstrated a high sense of commitment and responsibility as LHV. LHM are also persons who have taken the project to be part and parcel of them by living and breathing it in their daily dealings

Loving Hearts Ambassadors

LHA are individuals who are carefully selected, appointed, and have demonstrated high-level will and interest in sharing and in supporting the vision of Loving Hearts Foundation/Projects. LHA are the face of the Foundation’s project in the country where they reside. The roaming ambassadors could be found anywhere but the Ambassadors are those who reside strictly out of Cameroon and push forward the project to realize its goals out of Cameroon.

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